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  News Archive

The FTDI news archive pages keeps track of some historical news items that have been moved from the home page. 


  News - 10th December 2010
FTDI customer survey now closed
Thanks again to all who participated in our customer survey.

The information we received has been invaluable, congratulations once again to Celestino Martins from Portugal who won the 8GB iPod Nano.

  News - 6th December 2010
Win a Vinculo Premium kit – a Vinculum-II (VNC2) development platform inspired by Arduino, with EE Times Europe.
FTDI is offering EE Times Europe readers the chance to win a comprehensive development package for its recently released Vinculo product, a powerful development platform for creating innovative, cost-effective embedded systems that require USB 2.0 connectivity. It is based on the company’s Vinculum II VNC2-64 dual-channel USB Host/Slave controller with the capability of interfacing to a wide range of I/O application boards, so-called “shields” developed by the Arduino open-source community.

For more information on the reader offer please click here.

Detailed Vinculo product information can be found here.

Updated Mac and Linux D2XX Drivers Available.
FTDI are pleased to announce the availability of updated D2XX drivers for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.  The new drivers offer improvements in stability along with new support for location IDs.

The drivers are available from the D2XX drivers page.

  News - 17th November 2010
Part II of “Embedded USB Design By Example” by John Hyde now available for download.
At Electronica 2010, FTDI released part II of “Embedded USB Design By Example” book by John Hyde (commissioned by FTDI). The book provides a practical USB engineering guide based on FTDI’s product portfolio. It guides design engineers through the steps on how to add USB connectivity to their system design and identifies techniques to overcome the various practical challenges they face – in both hardware and software.

Click here to download the complete book (registration required)

Windows Driver CDM 2.08.08 Released
An interim release of the Windows CDM driver (2.08.08) has been made available on our driver pages.  This release fixes issues in the CDM 2.08.02 WHQL certified release and adds some new functionality.  The release notes provide a more information on specific fixes.

  News - 9th November 2010
FTDI announces the launch of the Vinculo: a cost effective Vinculum-II (VNC2) development platform inspired by Arduino
The Vinculo is a dual channel USB Host/Device Controller is targeted at rapid development and prototyping of USB Host/Device interfaces. Vinculo is a superset of the Arduino Duemilanove / Uno with 2 extra rows of headers providing an extra 10 pins and can be programmed using a subset of standard ANSII ‘C’ using the FTDI free of charge software development environment, consisting of development tools, software drivers and libraries. An optional Vinculo prototyping board provides add-on expansion board support. The Vinculo features an 8-channel, 10Bit ADC, PWM interface and supports connectivity to a wide range of application boards developed by the Arduino open-source community. These include Ethernet, motor control, LCD and many others applications.

For more information click here.



FTDI are pleased to announce the launch of the USB Hi-Speed Serial/Hub Module
The USB Hi-Speed Serial/Hub Module eases the integration of USB into existing electronic systems and is designed to connect to FTDI’s Vinculum-II (VNC2) V2DIPx modules, as well as any USB Host interface (e.g. PC). The module features the FTDI FT4232H USB 2.0 Hi-Speed to UART/MPSSE chip plus a GL850G USB 2.0 hub controller chip which are used to expand the number of interfaces that can be accessed downstream from a USB Host, with 3 downstream USB Hi-Speed host ports, and up to 4 UART ports operating up to 12MBaud (3V3 level) two of which can alternatively be used as 2 Multi Purpose Synchronous Serial interface e.g. I2C, JTAG or SPI via the FT4232H MPSSE mode.

Packaged as a 36 pin DIL package, with additional USB connectors and diagnostic LEDs, the module is ideal for rapid prototype development.

For more information click here.



  News - 25th October 2010

FTDI is exhibiting at Electronica 2010, at stand 351 in hall A5 from 9th – 12th November in Munich

FTDI’s engineering team will showcase a new hands-on Vinculum-II demonstration and we’ll release Part II of 'Embedded USB Design by Example' by John Hyde.

We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.



  News - 21st October 2010
Vinculum-II Toolchain version 1.2.2 now available to download
The Vinculum II development tools continue to be developed and refined with the release of version 1.2.2.  This latest release further enhances the user experience of developing firmware for the Vinculum II system including improved Flash programming, new CPU status panel, watch window now allows access to struct member fields, RAM modification via the memory window and additional sample applications.

Visit our Vinculum II Tools page for more details.

  News - 9th September 2010
Vinculum II Development Tools Patch 1.2.0-SP1 Released
A stability and bug-fix patch for the Vinculum II Toolchain is now available for download.  The patch requires that the Vinculum II Toolchain 1.2.0 be installed first.

  News - 6th September 2010
New Product Announcement: Morph-IC II
New Morph-IC-II USB based FPGA module now available from FTDI.  The Morph-IC-II is a compact development module featuring an Altera Cyclone-II FPGA with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbit/s) connection via the FTDI FT2232H USB to UART/FIFO/MPSSE converter IC.  Targeted for logic circuit design and FPGA/ASIC prototyping applications, the module delivers powerful FPGA processing capabilities with a Hi-Speed USB software communications interface. .



  News - 1st September 2010
FTDI US Applications Engineer Vacancy
FTDI US currently have a vacancy for an Applications Engineer.  Appropriately qualified and experienced candidates can apply by e-mail for the post at our Hillsboro, OR office.

New Application Note Available
A new application note called Detecting USB device Insertion and Removal (AN_152) has been made available.  The application note explains how to use the Windows WM_DEVICECHANGE message and has accompanying sample code.

  News - 20th August 2010
Win a brand new fifth generation iPod nano, featuring 8GB (2000 songs / 8 hours of video) with FM radio and video camera.
Simply complete FTDI's customer survey to participate in our iPod free prize draw. The survey will be only take about 3 minutes. Please enter your e-mail details to participate in the prize draw.
Many thanks and good luck! 

Click here to take survey



  News - 17th August 2010
New version of the Vinculum-II Toolchain released
FTDI announce the release of the latest version of the Vinculum-II software development tools. The new release, version 1.2.0, includes source code for V2DAP and V2DPS firmware; improvements in samples, runtime libraries and drivers; documentation updates; and many bug fixes for the development tools.

New plug-ins include a source code browser tool (Code Inspector) and an IOMux Configuration Utility which have been added to the VinIDE (Integrated Development Environment).

New code examples include retrieving and decoding USB descriptors from devices.

Documentation updates include an RTOS User Guide, a revised "Getting Started Guide", plus a complete User Guide (available as a Help File or PDF Document) which gives step by step instructions on getting started with the Toolchain.

Click here for more details.

  News - 11th August 2010
New FTDI WHQL certified driver released
A major update to our Windows drivers is now available: CDM driver version 2.08.02

The driver features significant performance and feature improvements:
  • 60% improvement in data read performance, with up to 40MBytes/s throughput using 64KBytes transfers on our USB 2.0 Hi-Speed devices, such as the FT2232H and FT4232H ICs.
  • Updated co-installer, allows users to specify COM port number to start from.
  • Microsoft WHQL certified providing an easy method of installing and re-distributing drivers for FTDI based products.
Full details can be found in the release notes here.

  News - 10th August 2010
Updated FTDI web site
Welcome to our updated website. We have made some changes to our site with a new structure and simplified navigation to make it easier and faster to access our product information pages. We also plan to make further improvements over the coming months.

In the meantime, if you experience any problems using the new website please feel free to contact us at websiteadmin@ftdichip.com.

FTDI at Electronica 2010 from 9th – 12th November in Munich
Come and meet us on the FTDI stand in Hall A5.351 where FTDI engineers and sales staff will be on hand to demonstrate our latest Vinculum-II (VNC2) ICs, feature modules and development tools. We are looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions.


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To review the latest published issue, please click here.

  News - 10th June 2010
New Product Announcement - TTL-232RG Range
FTDI announce the launch of the new extended range of USB to TTL level serial converter cables.  The cables feature an upgraded PCB with versions to support UART interfacing at +1.8V levels and at user specified voltage levels, as well as existing versions to support interfacing at +3.3V and +5.0V levels.  Further the enhanced cables also feature an optional voltage output for powering external circuitry.

Click here for more details.


  News - 2nd June 2010
Making USB easy by using FTDI’s Vinculum-II IC – video interview Bill Wong from Electronic Design
Gurinder Singh (Senior Field Applications Engineer, FTDI Ltd.) talks to technology editor Bill Wong from Electronic Design about making USB devices using FTDI-s Vinculum-II dual USB Host/ Slave IC at the ESC Silicon Valley 2010.

To see the video at Electronic Designs web site, please click here.


  News - 19th May 2010
New Product Announcement
FTDI launch the DB9-USB-RS232 range of USB2.0 connector modules to fit a standard 9-pin DB9 connector footprint. The modules provide a fast and simple method of replacing legacy DB9 RS232 interfaces with USB 2.0 connectivity, without the need to change an existing PCB board design.

Click here for more details.


  News - 12th May 2010
Vinculum-II Toolchain version 1.0.4 now available to download
The new tool chain has enhancements to the graphical user development environment (IDE).  Includes a new IOMUX configuration utility to enable graphical configuration of device I/O pins.  Further enhancements include new sample projects for isochronous endpoints and a new quick start tutorial guide.

New Vinculum-II Toolchain Application Notes (click to download):
AN_142: Vinculum-II Tool Chain Getting Started Guide
AN_144: Vinculum-II IO_Mux Configuration Utility User Guide


  News - 27th April 2010
New Product Announcement
FTDI announce a range of evaluation and development boards for the newly launched Vinculum-II (VNC2) USB Host / Slave controller IC. 8 new products including the following:
  • V2-EVAL – Evaluation and development kit for VNC2.
  • V2DIP1 – VNC2 Development module with single USB connector. Various versions supporting 32, 48 and 64-pin VNC2 devices.
  • V2DIP2 - VNC2 Development module with two USB connectors. Various versions supporting 32, 48 and 64-pin VNC2 devices.
  • VNC2 Debug Module – Designed to support programming and silicon level debug of user firmware designs on VNC2.


  News - 21st April 2010
Vinculum-II Toolchain now available.
The new Vinculum-II software development tool chain is now available for download. The tool chain has been designed to support the development of user firmware applications on the, newly launched, FTDI Vinculum-II (VNC2) programmable USB Host / Slave controller devices.

Click here for more details


  News - 31st March 2010
New distribution agreement with La Tecnika Due SRL, Italy
FTDI is pleased to announce La Tecnika Due SRL as an official distributor of FTDI products in Italy, together with Comprel. All contact details can be found on FTDI’s Sales Network page.


Get your free copy of Embedded USB - Design By Example (part 1) by John Hyde
Now available for download - Click Here


  News - 24th March 2010
FTDI will present its leading edge Vinculum-II software development tool chain at the ESC Silicon Valley 2010 from the 26th-29th April 2010
FTDI would like to invite you to attend our Vinculum-II seminar on the 27th April 2010, from 12:45pm to 1:45pm in Room D.

Gurinder Singh (Senior Field Applications Engineer, FTDI Ltd.) and John Hyde (Consultant, USB Design By Example) will introduce the latest addition to FTDI’s Vinculum family. Here we will highlight the hardware features and resources that are available to the designer. We will also introduce and demonstrate the new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) featuring its own RTOS, drivers and libraries, used to demonstrate Vinculum's flexibility and ease-of-use. USB Design by Example will discuss application areas for the Vinculum-II family.

More information can be found at the following link: https://www.cmpevents.com/ESCw10/a.asp?option=C&V=11&SessID=10973

If you would like to visit us at Booth 2126 from the 27th-29th April 2010, our Sales and Engineering team will be pleased to introduce you to the FTDI product portfolio and answer any questions you may have. FTDI will be delighted to work with you to find the best solution for your applications.

Get your free copy of Embedded USB - Design By Example (part 1) by John Hyde at FTDI's Stand (2126).



  News - 2nd March 2010
Vinculum-II Programmable USB 2.0 Host / Slave Controller with Vinculum Software Tool Suite
Future Technology Devices International announces their 2nd generation of the Vinculum family USB Host / Slave controller devices. The Vinculum-II (VNC2) is a dual USB 2.0 system-on-chip controller, which features a powerful 16-bit MCU core with 256KB Flash and 16KB RAM. The device supports a range of flexible interfaces including UART, SPI, FIFO and PWM. A major enhancement is the introduction of the new C based Vinculum Software Development Tool Suite, designed to support the development of user customized firmware for next generation USB and peripheral controller applications.


  News - 26th February 2010
What's new at FTDI?  To find out, please visit us at Embedded World 2010 or IIC China

Embedded World
Nuremberg, Germany, 2nd - 4th March 2010 at Stand 12-234 Hall 12.0

Get your free copy of Embedded USB - Design By Example (part 1) by John Hyde at FTDI's stand.


EW 2010 LOGO 

IIC China

Shenzhen 4.-5. March 2010 at stand 2G11
Chengdu 11.-12. March 2010 at stand 5G07
Shanghai 15.-16. March 2010 at stand 8L11



  News - 29th January 2010
FTDI awarded ISO certification:

We are pleased to announce that Future Technology Devices International Ltd. has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance to the following Quality Management System Standards:

ISO 9001:2008

The Quality Management System is applicable to :

Design and supply of Universal Serial Bus (USB) semiconductor devices with legacy support.

EW 2010 LOGO 

  News - 15th January 2010
FTDI to showcase their product range at upcoming exhibitions in 2010:

Embedded World
Nuremberg, Germany, 2nd - 4th March 2010 at Stand 12-234 Hall 12.0

Free Admission Voucher:  FTDI are giving away free admission vouchers for Embedded World 2010 worth 18ˆ each.  To receive a free admission voucher to the exhibition, please email marketing@ftdichip.com with your name and full company details. FTDI will then send you an admission voucher to pre-register on the internet not later than the 26th February 2010.

Please note - only one Voucher per registration on a first-come-first-served basis, so don’t delay!


EW 2010 LOGO 

IIC China

Shenzhen 4.-5. March 2010 at stand 2G11
Chengdu 11.-12. March 2010 at stand 5G07
Shanghai 15.-16. March 2010 at stand 8L11



ESC Silicon Valley
San Jose, USA 26.-29. April 2010 at stand 2126

Please feel free to visit our sales and engineering team at the stand, who will be pleased to introduce you to FTDIs new product portfolio. They will also answer your questions and will work with you to find the best solution for your applications.



ESC 2010 LOGO 



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