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The FTDI news archive pages keeps track of some historical news items that have been moved from the home page. 


 News - 14th May 2012

FTDI Present Webinar for X-Chip Series

Following the successful launch of the X-Chip series of USB bridge devices, on February 28th, FTDI are presenting a webinar on the features and advantages of the FT-X series of chips.

There will be 3 sessions covering the 3 major regions.

EMEA / AMERICAS will be on the 24th May 2012
ASIA will be on the 30th May 2012

Feel free to join the session and learn more about these devices by registering at the links below:

EMEA Registration: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/365392686

AMERICAS Registration: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/444474686

Asia Registration: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/257650726 (in Chinese)


 News - 25th April 2012

WHQL Driver

FTDI is pleased to announce the WHQL certification and release of CDM driver version 2.08.24 for use on Windows operating systems from XP through to Windows 7. Copies of the driver may be downloaded from: http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified.zip

(It is the same download for VCP and D2XX)

This driver adds certified Windows support for the recently launched FTDI X-Chip series of devices.

Alternatively the driver may be located and installed automatically from Microsoft’s update site, by simply plugging in an FTDI USB device to your PC. This feature should be available within 7 working days.


 News - 25th April 2012


FT_PROG is a free EEPROM programming utility for use with FTDI devices. It is used to customise the EEPROM contents and can modify information such as device descriptors.

The latest release of FT_PROG, rev 2.6.8 is now available for download from: http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities.htm

 News - 25th April 2012

VCP Driver Support

Ubuntu Linux version 11.10 now offers VCP driver support for FTDI’s X Chip Family

Make sure you update the Ubuntu kernel  to 3.0.0-19.

 News - 5th April 2012

Chipi-X Featured on Engineering TV at Design West 2012

Watch Dave Sroka (FTDI’s Global Product Director) being interviewed by Bill Wong of Electronic Design Magazine about Chipi-X, USB to RS232 level, full-handshake UART cable. The DB9 connector provides the connectivity for RS232 communications and a USB-A connector supports USB communications. 



 News - 5th April 2012

Win a Vinco Development Package for Creation of USB-Based Android Applications

To celebrate FTDI’s 20th anniversary, the company is giving away 3 comprehensive Android application development packages in a competition organized with EE Times Europe. Each of the winners will receive a Euro 550 package consisting of a Vinco development board (which fully supports the Android Open Accessories Initiative) an Acer A500 tablet PC and two application boards (shields), plus a Vinco Proto board with which they can build their own shields. Entrants who do not win will still be eligible for a 20% discount on their next purchase from the FTDI ChipSHOP.


 News - 26th March 2012

FTDI Unveils new USB-to-RS232 Cabling Solution

FTDI has expanded its portfolio of converter cabling solutions with the introduction of Chipi-X. Measuring a length of 10 cm, this is a USB-to-RS232 level full-handshake UART cable with a male DB9 connector. The DB9 provides the connectivity for RS232 communications and a USB-A plug deals with USB communications.

For more details please see the press release and link to datasheet.


 News - 22nd March 2012

FTDI Release Android Video and White Paper

This video showcases 3 of FTDI’s Vinculum projects, 2 of which are Android applications. Please click here to view the video on the Android page.

FTDI’s Senior Application Engineer, Gordon Lunn, has written a whitepaper entitled ‘Connecting Peripherals to Android Platform’. It describes how to connect peripheral accessories to Android OS based tablets and phones, including the Android Open Accessory Initiative.


 News - 16th March 2012

FTDI Wins Acclaimed Industry Award

Elektronik's editorial team have given FTDI top spot i
n the Embedded Design category at its Product of the Year Awards ceremony, held in Munich this week. The company's VNCLO-Start1-Kit held off competition from products by the likes of Microsoft to take this coveted prize.

1st place - FTDI's USB Design Package VNCLO-Start1-Kit

2nd place - Microsoft's Windows Embedded Compact 7

3rd place - Keil Elektronik's Controller-Starter-Kit MCB11U10 for ARM/MO/M4.



 News - 15th March 2012

FTDI adds Ethernet-to-USB, MP3 audio codec & real-time clock functionality to Vinco platform

Furthering market progression of the widely praised Vinco platform, FTDI is delighted to announce the introduction of its new multi-function application board (shield). By combining the Vinco development platform, with targeted application support, such as MP3 audio codec, Ethernet-to-USB bridge and real-time clock (RTC), engineers can jump-start their development.

This latest shield offering incorporates a VLSI VS1053b codec for the decoding of various audio files (Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, WAV and MIDI), Ethernet connectivity, plus an RTC feature using NXP Semiconductors´┐Ż PCF32123 timing device.

For more details please see the press release and http://www.ftdichip.com/Products/Modules/DevelopmentModules.htm

 News - 14th March 2012

FTDI Attending Design West (Embedded System Conference) in San Jose, California

FTDI is attending the embedded system conference, Design West,  in San Jose, California from March 27th to 29th. We will be there to answer all your questions on our brand new X-Chip Series of devices as well as any other queries about  FTDI products.

There will be several demonstrations showing how Android platforms can, through USB, be used to control external hardware. Come and visit us at booth 632 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Centre to find out more.



 News - 13th March 2012

FTDI Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Congratulations !

Fred Dart, Founder and CEO and Cathy Dart, COO, with the 20th Anniversary Birthday Cake

 News - 28th February 2012

FTDI Introduce the X-Chip Series of Next Generation USB Interface ICs

FTDI is delighted to announce the launch of its new X-Chip series. Made up of 13 devices, with an exception feature set, the X-Chip series offers full speed USB 2.0 bridging solutions to UART, SPI/FT1248, I2C and FIFO interfaces complementing the company’s existing R chip, and Hi-Speed solutions. “By specifying the X-Chip into their designs, engineers will reduce their overall bill of materials and optimise PCB real estate,” states Fred Dart, CEO and founder of FTDI. “With its comprehensive feature set, the benefits of lower power, smaller device footprint and NEW enhanced battery charger detection can all be realised, as well as the robust USB functionality that FTDI has always provided in its connectivity solutions”. In addition to the ICs, FTDI has released a wide-selection of development modules, enabling instant access to the different functions for each chip type, and thus allowing for easy device evaluation and prototyping development.

For more details please see the press release and www.ftdichip.com\FT-X.htm


  News - 17th January 2012

FTDI Attending Embedded World

FTDI are attending Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany from 28th February 2012 to 1st March 2012. Our staff will be there to answer all your questions and we will also have the latest news on our largest new product release ever.

In addition we will be presenting several demonstrations for your interest and enjoyment.

Come and visit us at hall 4A, stand 322 to find out more.
Embeded World


  News - 17th January 2012

FTDI is pleased to announce the release of performance enhanced MAC OSX and Linux drivers

The new D2xx driver files have optimised buffering to enable the full speed potential of the Hi-Speed devices (FT232H, FT2232H and FT4232H) to be realised on MAC and Linux OS. (Already available on Windows).

The new release is labelled version 1.1.0.
The Linux tar.gz file contains files for both x86 and x64 kernel versions 2.6 and later.
The Mac DMG file contains builds for PPC, x86 and x64 OS versions and should be used with MAC 10.4 or later.

To access the drivers please click here


  News - 17th January 2012

Customer Survey Competition

Thank you to everyone who took part in our customer survey. We had a tremendous response with over 1,000 entries.

Congratulations to the winner of our prize draw, Rostislav Letos from ROLETOsoft. He is now the owner of a brand new Motorola Xoom tablet PC.


To view our archived news items, click here.



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