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  Driver Licence Terms

The software you can download from this web site ("the Software") is provided by Future Technology Devices International Limited ("FTDI") subject to the licence terms set out at http://www.ftdichip.com/FTDriverLicenceTerms.htm ("the Licence Terms"). You must read the Licence Terms before downloading the Software. By installing or using the Software you agree to the Licence Terms. If you do not agree to the Licence Terms then do not download or use the Software.


Without prejudice to the Licence Terms, here is a summary of some of the key terms of the Licence Terms (and in the event of any conflict between this summary and the Licence Terms then the text of the Licence Terms will prevail).


  • The licence only allows use of the Software with, and the Software will only work with Genuine FTDI Components (as defined in the Licence Terms). Use of the Software as a driver for a component that is not a Genuine FTDI Component MAY IRRETRIEVABLY DAMAGE THAT COMPONENT.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that all chips you use the Software as a driver for are Genuine FTDI Components. If in doubt then contact FTDI.
  • The Software is provided "as is''.
  • There are no warranties (or similar) in relation to the quality of the Software.
  • There are exclusions of FTDI liability for certain types of loss such as: special loss or damage; incidental loss or damage; indirect or consequential loss or damage; loss of income; loss of business; loss of profits; loss of revenue; loss of contracts; business interruption; loss of the use of money or anticipated savings; loss of information; loss of opportunity; loss of goodwill or reputation; and/or loss of, damage to or corruption of data.
  • There is a monetary cap on FTDI's liability.
  • If a custom vendor ID and/or product ID or description string are used, it is the responsibility of the product manufacturer to maintain any changes and subsequent WHQL re-certification as a result of making these changes.


    © Future Technology Devices International Ltd. 2015